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Birth Doula services


The price of this package is £950, which can be paid in instalments or one payment. If you would struggle to cover this but feel you need doula services please contact me directly as I am able to offer some discounts or we could skills trade. I also have some limited "Acts of kindness" spaces available. 

I am a birth doula based just outside of Birmingham. I cover all of Birmingham and the black country but am also happy to work up to an hour away from my home base.  

I am an NCT doula and have FD Degree in supporting pregnancy, birth and the first 1000 days of life. From September 2022 I will also be delivering NCT antenatal education classes Please click the link to see your local NCT class. 


I have additional knowledge of working with neurodivergent parents, plus size pregnancy and birth supporting LBGTQIA+  families, parents who have been through loss and single parents' families in multiple birth environments.

Words from doula supported mother

"I am so glad that we decided to have your support as a Doula. Even though things didn't go as planned. I was not nearly as scared about a vaginal birth as I had been with my daughter. The coping strategies and talking about the birth plan in far more detail than any of the midwives did made me feel more comfortable with my choices and your knowledge was exceptional."

What's included?

Antenatal visits

We will have up to three antenatal visits after you have booked with me, during this time we will talk about your birth plans, and preferences, get to know each other and prepare for your birth.

Call, text, whatsapp and email support throughout pregnancy.

Once you book with me you have my support throughout your pregnancy, I will always respond in a timely manner. 

Birth planning

I can help you with making birth plans and we can talk through antenatal appointments. You will also have full access to my birthing library and PDF templates of simple birth plans in text form and also symbols/picture format.

Birth attendence 

I will be with you throughout labour and birth and will stay with you until you and baby are settled and ready for me to leave

I am on call for you 27/7 from 10 days before your due date. 

After birth support

I am then available to signpost you to services in the area and meet with you again to reflect on your birthing experience. 


More questions? Please contact me or see the Birth doula FAQ

Add on services at a discounted price

If you book two or more add on services you receive a welcome pack filled with antenatal and postnatal goodies  

Let's Work Together

You can call/text/whatsapp me on:


or email me on

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