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My aim is to ensure parents feel supported and heard through pregnancy and birth. I believe in person-centred practice and enjoy working in partnership with expectant parents empowering them by signposting, offering unconditional positive regard and supporting their choices. 


I am a calm and nurturing presence during my time with you. I am an oxytocin enthusiast and have many tools to encourage the production of the feel-good hormone that is essential in the birthing process. I will create a relaxing, non-judgemental and supportive environment; with the aim of harmonising all in the birthing room to produce an oxytocin friendly environment.

I am well versed in the multi-faceted experiences of pregnancy and birth, enabling me to support you in your unique journey. This may include supporting your partner through their potential roles within this process. Including understanding their transitioning role, relaxation techniques, effective communication; how to support your partner through the birthing process. 

I have additional training and experience in working with plus size pregnancies, neurodivergent and LBGTQIA+ through pregnancy and birth. 


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