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Sleep services

I offer a full range of sleep gentle and holistic sleep services please look below and contact me if there you have any questions or need something that isn't listed. I do ask all parents to look at my sleep freebies page. If you still want my help I offer a free consultation to see if I can help and we can discuss which package you feel you need.  For each service I provide I am with you, supporting you and your family. Please see my FAQ if you have any questions or feel free to contact me.

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Free call

This is where we talk about your current sleep issues and takes around 15 minutes. This can be a quick reassurance call about normal developmental sleep and I will signpost you to the right resources. If you need more than the free stuff I offer we will pick the best package for you. 

Indepth phone call- £55

This is for when your little one is sleeping well enough but you would like to fine-tune things or if you have tried some of the free stuff and have some questions. The average call is around 45 minutes and will have a follow-up email so you don't need to worry about taking notes

Sleep consultation - £325

(Four weeks of support)

 We will explore the sleep concerns you have around your child. We will then explore your child's sleep, diet, routine as well as family rhythm. I will work with you closely listening to your needs and your child's need. You will then receive your child's unique recommendation plan with clear goals. You will have my support for the full four weeks including text support during the evening times.

Co-sleeping support £40

For those who co-sleep or bed-share, this is a chance to ask any questions. This call normally takes around 30 minutes. We go through safe bed-sharing recommendations and you have an opportunity to show me your sleep setup if you would like to. You will also receive my bedsharing and cosleeping guide with advice from Basis, the LLL and safe bedsharing experts.

Sleep consultation - £225

(Two weeks of support)

This is the full consultation and works well for children under 24 months. We will explore things like nutrition, sleep patterns and routines. I will then work with you to understand your needs and your child's needs to create a unique recommendation plan.  You then have my support for two weeks. This service tends to work well for parents who are fairly confident in their parenting approach. 

Sleep consultation - £450

(Six weeks of support)

This package is for more complex cases and older children. We will look at sleep, diet routine as well as family rhythm. We will look at setting developmentally and attachment-friendly boundaries and set goals that are very clear. You will receive text support in the evening and weekly zoom check-in's to build your confidence and allow space for tweaking routines over time. 

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