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Sleep FAQ

What happens next?

You contact me and we arrange a free consultation. If you make the decision to book one of my services we will have a more in-depth discussion. This is the time that I listen and ask some questions but mostly listen. That can happen in person, on the phone or on zoom depending on the service you choose. Then I will send you over some paperwork to fill out so I get a good idea of your child and anything that can influence sleep and anything we might not have covered. I'll then work on your unique sleep support plan and get that sent over to you. We will then talk about the plan and go from there.

I'm struggling with money but need help where can I go? 

Please come to me, I offer so much free content because I don't ever want a family to suffer. We can talk about payment plans, what you can afford, and where to go for free help and advice and I can offer discounts to help with affordability. I am a safe confidential space and anything you disclose to me will stay between you and I. 

Why offer free stuff?

Five years ago I became a mum and my child did no sleep. I couldn't leave them to cry because my heart couldn't take it and I was exhausted. I am also a bookworm, so I started reading and studying. I became an admin of one of the largest cosleeping pages on Facebook and l listened to 100's of stories that were the same as mine. That's why because just knowing the basics would have done a whole lot to make my journey easier. I do a happy dance when a new client books with me, I do a happy dance when someone tells me that my content made something click and they slept 5 hours in a row for the first time in 18 months. I have offered days and weeks of my life for free supporting parents through this stuff and I am not going to stop.

What if I don't like your suggestions?

No one knows anything more about a child than their parents. If you don't feel like my suggestions will work for you then we can go back to the drawing board. We can look at all the options available to you, go through the pro's and con's list and work out a plan that feels right. This is a partnership and I would never want a parent to feel uncomfortable in implementing a plan. I am strictly against anything not responsive or anything that requires your child to go through any big emotion alone.

Will it work?

I offer a wealth of experience and access to all the studying I have done. We can work together to optimise everything around sleep. I can promise that will do everything I can for you. I cannot make a child sleep.  My approach is gentle and responsive and some things just take time. 

Do you support neuro-divergent children and parents?

This is an area I love working in and my personal pledge is to ensure that I do my best to support any family where there is neuro-divergence. I have  experience working in this field and we will work to find solutions that work well for your family. 

Yes! A lot of my clients are international and I have worked with families globally and we will work at a time that works with you. 

What are your qualifications?

I have an OCN Level 6 in Holistic sleep coaching trained by Lyndsy Hookway.


FD in Birth and beyond specialising in antenatal education and doula work.

Do you work internationally?

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