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Welcome to with you doula services

Strength in Support

Hello and welcome!

I'm Chantelle "With you doula" and I offer tailored support and services from conception to birth and gentle childhood. From here you can gain support in hypnobirthing, birth doula service, and holistic sleep support. My mission throughout everything I offer is to use information that is evidence-based to support you in making the right decisions for your family.

I work online and in person and offer free consultations for each service I offer. A lot of my business is word of mouth so I don't overly post on social media but I do have an account on Facebook. The likelihood if you have ended up here is that you have received one of my cards from events/groups I help with, you spotted a card "in the wild" or a friend has directed you this way. 

The With You Doula will sure that you will be heard and supported throughout your pregnancy, birth and first years of life. I approach birth and parenting holistically, and I feel honoured to be able to share years of expertise with families around the West Midlands.


Simply get in touch to get started.

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