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Birth pool DIY package

Package price £125

If you just want to hire a birthing pool from somewhere local and don't need help then this is the package for you.

You will receive: 

  • Non-toxic 10 Metre Filling Hose 

  •  New tap connector

  •  Waterbirth Thermometer - To monitor the water temperature. Has a  custom waterbirth scale. Fully submersible.

  • Strainer - Use before emptying the pool.

  • Non-slip Floor Mat - Standard size mat to step onto safely when entering and exiting the pool. Size of a standard door matt

  • Premium Anti-Slip Floor Cover 1.75x2.5metres - Protects your floor

  • Electric Submersible Water Pump 230V - Empties pool in 60-80 minutes minutes. Empties through the included filling hose.

  • New pool liner 

  • Air pump

  • Manufacturer guide and exclude With You Doula video guide 


I will deliver the birth pool to your home and collect the pool once your baby is born and you have set it down. 

Limited call or text support and mileage charges may apply.

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